In a world of fast pace living the simple gesture of proper etiquette is still necessary. Are we training our children in the proper way to respond and respect other people? Respect is demonstrated in our everyday interactions. Graciousness and deference are also an important part of mannerly behavior as we raise our children. Teaching our children manners in and outside the home to respect others looks, culture, and taste. Etiquette is courteous, empathetic, respectful, and flexible. When we think of etiquette let us reframe our minds to ensure we don’t look at it negatively.

Three things Etiquette is not

  • A set of rigid rules
  • A thing of the past
  • Snobbishness


DREAMS: Perplexed on how it takes you into places you once left. It drifts you off to see faces that never change. The Dream world ..who can touch it.. how do you navigate it…capture it..or chase it. Is it chasing you? The goal is to meet it right in the center. Take control of it. Own it. Then Dream it Alive if it’s a destined call for you. Will it fit into your paradigm? If not that is too ok. The dream will most likely take you the opposite way. The paradigm you are in …if forced by social norms, most likely was not the paradigm of yours. So let the dream take you to where you are meant to be.. remember its a dream -to be you… to be free. In it are hidden secrets that may seem perplexed. But Our God knows exactly what He is doing. He works it out for your best.

Live. Love. Life.>

The Gift

Life is like a gift box

Inside find yourself everyday

Waking up in the box

Stretch your arms wide

And Pop the top open

Guess who is inside..


You are the gift to the day

And the Day is your gift as well

You may have tough moments

minutes and seconds

But the Day

Thats right…is still yours

A gift

So rejoice!

Inspiration Picture for the Month Traveling

My inspiration picture for the month- Travel to Italy. Plans to visit the south of Italy coastal land is now on the Travel bucket list. This beautiful picture is of Sorrento Italy. Take me there but first I will travel through the inspiration of picture web. The great thing about this city – its near so many wonderful neighboring cities. See me there.. soon.

Secret Sound of the Shofar

The Shofar is the most miraculous sound I’ve ever been privileged to hear. I discovered the sound of the shofar and it has changed my life. I listen to the sound all day. This sound plays in my car, home and wherever I go. It’s sets the tone of my atmosphere. Now you may wonder what that means. You will have to try it and determine what that means for you. For me it calms and provides. The ram was provided to Abraham as the sacrificial offering. The shofar sound has been a prelude to providing God’s victory throughout my being. Elevating me in health and levels of victory. It’s not a coincidence Joshua was ordered to play it as he marched around the walls 7 times. It’s a heavenly sound that promotes victory for the children of God. I am one of the many living witnesses. When you first hear it you may not feel the effects. However, keep listening daily and you will see the wonders I’ve witnessed for myself. You can google or youtube the sound. I usually play it on You tube Red as I surf and use my phone. There are three different shofar sounds. All protective and providing levels of victory. Find out for yourself- the secret is out. The sound.

Living Faith Life

At least 6 hours

With children on their way back to school we take the last look into the little eyes and wish we could say we are going to miss them but we remember the whining, boredom tantrums and think School is HERE! Now don’t get me wrong, We Love Them! But when its time to be writer, blogger, painter and the many other things I like to engage myself in, juggling between the 4 year old search hunt for a toy and completing the thing to do list can be a bit challenging. Yes I enjoyed the spills the water on the floors ,the flips, the sibling fights and the creative traps set to stop me from going into their room.

I thought about Home Schooling after the first month of them being home this summer. Then I thought…with advise from my husband…maybe not. So school is in session for my 2nd grader. My Kindergarten will work her way back into school next week. Yes I enjoyed the spills the water on the floors ,the flips, the sibling fights and the messes. Now, its time to take a deep breath and escape to me land at least for 6 hours a day. I must admit my Secret Place in my closet and bathroom in prayer time went pretty well until my 4 year old decided to kick down the door a few times. Every mom need a secret place to hide escape. My choice time is with GOD. This is my place I pray, refuel and prepare for the next water spill, flour, and flip adventure. Ooh how I love their creativity and love the exploration and curiosity. However, I don’t mind lending them to the nice trained experienced bless her heart teacher for at least 6 hours a day.

Living Faith Life Highlights Edition

Summer is still here. Be sure to take full advantage of every moment. If its a project you need to complete or a vacation to take.  Pause and reflect on what you were able to accomplish thus far.

Highlight for my summer- I enjoy the art of expression and one of my favorites this summer is painting. So I decided to share it with everyone through my new subscription box sponsored by This site allows me to engage in the art of helping others explore and open monthly subscription boxes while creating great customer packages. Imagine getting an exciting new subscription box at your doorstep every month. No need to go out. Set the date and once a month use this time to explore, create and engage. How awesome is that? Sell what you like and package it up in a cute box. A Fragrant Life Mini Painting box can be a one time purchase or  subscription.   Great for groups, family time, friend time and solo nights. Anytime! Create, engage, and develop a new skill of the arts. You have time to order and enjoy. Get your subscription now. subscribe now for a monthly subscription and receive a Living Faith Life-Highlights Mug.

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