The Shofar is the most miraculous sound I’ve ever been privileged to hear. I discovered the sound of the shofar and it has changed my life. I listen to the sound all day. This sound plays in my car, home and wherever I go. It’s sets the tone of my atmosphere. Now you may wonder what that means. You will have to try it and determine what that means for you. For me it calms and provides. The ram was provided to Abraham as the sacrificial offering. The shofar sound has been a prelude to providing God’s victory throughout my being. Elevating me in health and levels of victory. It’s not a coincidence Joshua was ordered to play it as he marched around the walls 7 times. It’s a heavenly sound that promotes victory for the children of God. I am one of the many living witnesses. When you first hear it you may not feel the effects. However, keep listening daily and you will see the wonders I’ve witnessed for myself. You can google or youtube the sound. I usually play it on You tube Red as I surf and use my phone. There are three different shofar sounds. All protective and providing levels of victory. Find out for yourself- the secret is out. The sound.

Living Faith Life


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