Summer is still here. Be sure to take full advantage of every moment. If its a project you need to complete or a vacation to take.  Pause and reflect on what you were able to accomplish thus far.

Highlight for my summer- I enjoy the art of expression and one of my favorites this summer is painting. So I decided to share it with everyone through my new subscription box sponsored by This site allows me to engage in the art of helping others explore and open monthly subscription boxes while creating great customer packages. Imagine getting an exciting new subscription box at your doorstep every month. No need to go out. Set the date and once a month use this time to explore, create and engage. How awesome is that? Sell what you like and package it up in a cute box. A Fragrant Life Mini Painting box can be a one time purchase or  subscription.   Great for groups, family time, friend time and solo nights. Anytime! Create, engage, and develop a new skill of the arts. You have time to order and enjoy. Get your subscription now. subscribe now for a monthly subscription and receive a Living Faith Life-Highlights Mug.

Go now to subscribe


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